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BioHarmony Medical is a Restorative Wellness clinic based in Denver Colorado. 

Our goal is to optimize your health, prevent age-related diseases, and eliminate stress and weight management issues. By achieving optimum wellness, our patients can reclaim their vitality and achieve beauty and well being from the inside out. 

Dr. Shauna Wright leverages evidence-based studies to offer an effective program focusing on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This groundbreaking program utilizes safe, low dose prescriptions in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise and supplementation based on your individual biochemical needs.

BioHarmony Medical also offers a prescriptive program to counter weight gain, lack of energy, memory loss, wrinkles, decreased sexual drive, shrinking muscle mass and decreased exercise tolerance, hair loss, and a host of other signs of aging.  

In addition to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BioHarmony Medical also offers analysis and treatment for adrenal stress, food allergies, gastrointestinal health, micronutrient and amino acid deficiencies, metabolic syndrome and brain chemistry imbalances.

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In order to protect everyone's health we are offering telemedicine for all new and existing patients