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Your Optimal Thyroid

by Dr. Shauna Wright on 11/24/13

How many times have you heard this, "Your thyroid levels are in the range, just cut back on your calories and exercise more"?

I hear this from my patients multiple times per day... "my doctor said my thyroid is normal, but I know it isn't!"

Are you suffering from fatigue, difficulty losing weight, brain fog, aches in your muscles and joints, hair loss, constipation or feeling cold?

Sound like Hypothyroid? It most likely is!! Even if you only have one of those symptoms, you may not have an optimally healthy thyroid gland.

It is important that you get the correct testing if you suspect your thyroid is "off".

It's not just about TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). My patients have their free T3, free T4, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies tested. Many times all the results are completely "normal", but there can be elevated thyroid Antibodies (there are two) which means there is an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. This is treated with the appropriate prescription thyroid medication and dietary changes (ie going grain free) to lower the inflammatory burden on the thyroid. Often times the blood results are normal and the patient has many symptoms of Hypothyroidism... this is called sub-clinical Hypothyroidism. It is a treatable condition that improves quickly with the appropriate dosage of thyroid medication.

I also have my patients at BioHarmony Medical log their basal body temperatures every morning for one week. That is a big piece of the Hypothyroid puzzle.

We all know there is a range, but few acknowledge that there is an optimal range within the "normal range"

I have found that Armour Thyroid works well at the appropriate dosage. It is Bioidentical, being that it has the same amount of T3 and T4 that the human body produces, 20% and 80% respectively. Compounding pharmacies can also compound the thyroid prescription, T3/T4, based on your personal needs.

T4 converts to T3 in your thyroid gland. It is the Free T3 that helps with energy, stubborn weight loss, body temperature and brain function. Since Armour Thyroid is natural (purified porcine), it has the enzymes that help your thyroid absorb and better utilize it.

I recommend supplements that support the thyroid gland, specifically iodine and selenium, trace minerals that are taken every day. In my practice, I prefer food based supplements. For example, kelp contains iodine, and brazil nuts contain selenium.

Typically 2 months after my patients begin their personalized thyroid treatment, we recheck the blood levels. Dosage changes are made based on both labs and symptoms. I typically hear, "I finally feel like myself again, Dr Wright!"" My hair has stopped falling out!" " I'm losing weight and I haven't changed my diet or exercise routine". "My joint and muscle aches and pains are gone". "My hands and feet are finally warm and I no longer need to wear socks to bed!". " I'm having a bowel movement every day and I feel so much better now". "I finally have the energy to go work out at the gym". These types of responses are very typical of my treatment program for thyroid issues.

For more information how Dr Wright can help you with your personalized treatment approach related to Thyroid, hormone imbalance, low Testosterone and weight loss issues... please contact BioHarmony Medical at or call Dr. Wright directly at 303-991-1250.

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