Frequently Asked Questions
What is AGE MANAGEMENT Medicine?

90% of all adult illness is due to the degenerative processes of aging. This includes heart disease, most cancers, adult-onset diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, autoimmune disease, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s. With early detection and appropriate intervention, most of these diseases can be prevented, cured, or have their downward course reversed.
Age Management medicine, also referred to as Anti-Aging medicine, is based on the very early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related diseases. It is the newest clinical medical specialty—the “optimum” of wellness and longevity—and employs extensive treatments in the preventative health care field, far beyond just cholesterol testing and mammograms.
Within the last 100 years, the average lifespan has doubled. The medical community has now developed ways to ensure the second half of our lives is just as rewarding, happy and healthy as the first. This is a profound paradigm shift in the way the medical field views aging and age-related disease and BioHarmony Medical is at the forefront of this movement—using only the best evidence-based and effective treatments, improving overall health and wellness.

What is The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine?

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is a US federally registered non-profit organization comprised of 22,000 member physicians, health practitioners, scientists, governmental officials, and others from over 100 nations.
The A4M is dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. The A4M is also dedicated to educating physicians, scientists, and members of the public on biomedical sciences, breaking technologies, and anti-aging issues.
The A4M believes that the disabilities associated with normal aging are caused by physiological dysfunction which in many cases are ameliorable to medical treatment such that the human lifespan can be increased, and the quality of one’s life enhanced as one grows chronologically older.
Anti-Aging Medicine is based on the scientific principles of responsible medical care consistent with those of other healthcare specialties.

Is "hormone replacement therapy" in women safe?

Bio-Identical hormone therapy with natural Estrogens and Progesterone is safe and does not have to adverse side effects of Premarin and Provera. Provera can increase the rate of breast cancer but natural Progesterone can decrease the rate 10%. The Women's Health Initiative study show that traditional HRT with Premarin (made form pregnant mares urine) and Provera a chemically synthesized artificial progesterone) is not safe.

When can I Expect Results?

Your results will depend upon a variety of factors including your health condition at the start of the program, the treatment plan and your compliance with the program. Some people have immediate results. Others see results in a couple of weeks and others may take a few months. People often see minor ailments disappear first, then they see improvements in energy and attitude. Then they realize that others are getting sick around them and they are not.

I get my annual physical and I attend a health fair every year. Is that enough?

Physical exams and health fairs are designed for early detection of disease. They do not analyze detailed biomarkers that will identify what you will need to do to optimize your health. At BioHarmony Medical, we review very detailed biochemical markers based on YOUR goals, current health and family history. Then we pinpoint less than optimized areas before we develop treatment programs for you.

What can I expect if I start with BioHarmony Medical?

When you are evaluated at BioHarmony Medical, Dr. Wright will thoroughly review your Patient history , personal goal questionairre and individual needs . Laboratory tests will be recommended, either blood , saliva or both.. Three or four weeks later, you will return to discuss lab results and start your treatment program. Most patients will be treated with a combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, supplementations and/or hormone therapies. Dr Wright will stay in contact with you at all phases of the treatment program. Typically, you will come back for a third visit in 60 to 90 days. At that time, your treatment program may be altered according to your personal needs to optimize results. After this visit, you will most likely return for follow-up visits every six months or as needed.

I am overweight and would like to lose weight. What does Bioharmony Medical offer for weight loss?

For those people who need to lose weight, the BioHarmony program is specifically designed to help you lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Our programs go beyond dieting and exercise. The BioHarmony program reviews all metabolic systems to determine if there are biochemical, hormonal, lifestyle or dietary reasons for your weight condition. Once your condition is determined, a complete diet, exercise and lifestyle program is designed so that you can be successful. If necessary, supplementation is used to optimize your metabolic system so that you can lose weight safely and with optimal health.

I can’t sleep and I don’t want to take medications. How can the BioHarmony program help me?

Sleep problems are very common starting in one’s thirties. Sleep problems are early signs of changing Neurochemicals and in particular hormone changes. Common causes of sleep problems are brain chemical imbalances, hormone imbalances, stress (causing altered biochemistry) and environmental conditions detrimental to quality sleep. Usually, there are multiple causes working at the same time. The BioHarmony program measures sleep related neurotransmitters and identifies the root causes of sleep issues. In most cases, sleep problems are corrected without medications. 

What does BioHarmony Medical do to help prevent cancer?

We all have cancer cells in our body. We need to optimize our immune systems to destroy these cancer cells before they multiply into damaging tumors. Most cancers take over 10 years to develop to tumor size that is detectable with early detection devices such as mammograms. At BioHarmony Medical, we measure specific immune system markers to determine your natural cancer fighting abilities and optimize your biochemistry so that you can destroy cancer cells before they become tumors. With a very strong immune system, you optimize your cancer fighting capabilities naturally.

I’m in my early 40’s. I am not experiencing hot flashes or mood swings. Should I be doing anything for pre-menopause?

Most people associate menopause with major symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. These symptoms usually last six to twenty-four months. However, menopause typically takes about 10 years and the male counterpart takes near 20 years. Early symptoms of these conditions include weight gain, sleep disorders, and loss of libido. Additionally major diseases can start to form 10 years before hot flashes and mood swings start. It is you best time to preventatively address these diseases.

I am going through menopause and am not totally satisfied with my gynecologist. What can BioHarmony Medical offer in addition to my current doctor?

People who are still experiencing menopausal symptoms even under the supervision of a competent gynecologist usually have other system deficiencies that are outside the realm of expertise of their gynecologist. Therefore, Dr. Wright will work closely with other physicians in areas that their doctor is not proficient with. The result is a team approach that allows you to have the best of care and optimize your health now and for years to come.

How do you work with my other Doctors?

It is not our goal to displace your other doctors but rather to complement their skills. Therefore, we will coordinate our treatment programs with theirs. We will talk directly with them if you desire.

Do you use medications in your treatments?

Dr. Wright uses medications where necessary. However, the majority of treatments do not use medications. Although medications help the conditions they are being prescribed for, they often have side or long-term effects. Furthermore, many medications were developed to block unwanted biochemical processes in the body or brain. At BioHarmony Medical, we prefer to enhance your natural biochemistry. Dr. Wright has had good success addressing people’s issues and optimizing patient’s health with natural methods. Therefore her first approach is to use these natural methods before medications.

Are Hormone Therapies Safe?

There have been many studies performed on the safety of hormone therapy. The latest research indicates that there may be risk associated with synthetic hormone therapy. However, bioidentical hormone therapy has been used for decades without any indication that they are unsafe. Therefore, BioHarmony Medical only uses bioidentical hormone therapies. It should be noted that long-term studies have not been conducted on hormone therapy. Patients should weigh the risk of taking hormones compared to the benefits. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has actively worked with a multitude of medical authorities to determine the safety of hormone therapies. As a result of the overwhelming success using bioidentical hormones, it has become a recommended treatment for patients with hormone deficiencies.

I have no sex drive. What can BioHarmony Medical do to help?

Sex drive or libido issues in men and women are very common with age. Libido can be corrected naturally in men and women by balancing your body’s biochemistry including hormones, brain, cardiovascular and metabolic systems. It is unfortunate that people are inundated with erectile dysfunction commercials, medications, and other libido enhancing techniques when these issues can be addressed with natural methods.

What Supplements will I be taking and why?

In today’s environment, it is extremely difficult to get all required nutrition through your diet. This is because most people maintain stressful lives that require higher nutrition levels and because the foods produced today contain significant amounts of preservatives and toxins that previous generations were not subjected to. Therefore, all but the fewest Americans require supplements. At BioHarmony Medical, supplements are prescribed based on lab results for each individual patient. When a patient’s biomarkers are less than optimum, supplements often will elevate them back to optimum levels. Supplements prescribed by BioHarmony Medical are pharmaceutical grade products manufactured with the highest quality and consistency. Very few supplements sold in grocery or health food stores are manufactured to this level. Therefore, before purchasing supplements from these sources, you should consult your physician. A tailored program of supplements often provides the key ingredients for a long, healthy and happy life.

Aren’t all supplements the same?

Absolutely not. There are three grades of supplements on the market for human consumption. - Pharmaceutical Grade – This grade meets the highest regulatory standards for purity, dissolution (time it takes to dissolve), and absorption. - Medical Grade – Typically used for specific medical conditions. These are high-grade supplements designed for specific use. - Cosmetic, Nutritional Grade – These are typically sold in health food stores and supermarkets. Typically, they are not tested for purity, dissolution or absorption. In addition to impurities, many of these supplements contain fillers or binders that are not good for you.

Do you prescribe human growth hormones? 

HGH can be prescribed when lab tests indicate that the patient’s levels are substandard. Additionally, the prescription of human growth hormone is done in conjunction with an aggressive immune system strengthening program. In no event will human growth hormone be prescribed for athletic performance enhancement purposes.

How is Anti-Aging Medicine (AAM) different from geriatrics?

AAM is actually the opposite of geriatrics. While geriatrics tries to make the diseases and losses of aging more tolerable by treating the symptoms, AAM seeks to prevent, reverse and manage the process of aging.

Why should I begin my anti-aging program today. Why not wait for the advances that will come in future years?

There will be dramatic gains in our knowledge of this field over the next decade. We wish to manage and control aging as much as possible right now so you will be able to benefit from the new advances with the best possible functioning mind and body.

Can't I plan my own AAM program by following a good diet, exercising, taking vitamins and reading articles?

No. To be most effective you need your program supervised by a physician (MD) who can prescribe the most effective diet plan, exercise regime, supplements and herbal prescription medicines that have documented anti-aging effects.

Can't I take "secretagogues" that contain amino acids to boost my hormone levels instead of natural hormone replacement? 

Amino acids may modestly increase biomarker levels of growth hormone but what is usually required is at least a 100% increase. Most patients will not have significant gains with these products. Two of the most powerful stimulants for growth hormone release are resistance exercise and a good night's sleep. However, as you age the hypothalamus becomes resistant to these powerful stimulants and so it is very unlikely that secretagoges which are weaker stimulants would be effective. 

What about multilevel marketing products such as sublingual sprays that claim to contain human growth hormone?

Human growth hormone is a prescription medicine. Therefore sprays that advertise that they contain human growth hormone would be legal only if they contained an infinitesimal amount that would not be physiologically active.

If my testosterone levels are low can't I use testosterone precursors such as androstenedione?

Androsteinedione is metabolized to testosterone producing a short spike 2 hours later. The enzyme that converts androstenedione to testosterone is the rate limiting step and cannot produce adequate levels of testosterone in males greater than 45 years. Natural testosterone (the identical molecule which exists in the human male and female) can be replaced by transdermal skin creams or injectable testosterone uypionate to achieve the precise testosterone level that is optimal for libido, muscle strength, sense of well being and prevention of disease under the guidance of an anti-aging physician who monitors blood levels. We have found this to be the most effective treatment.

Will my "health insurance" cover the expenses of my Age Management program?

No. Health insurance is actually disease insurance and will not cover this form of preventive medicine. In a way, it a good thing. We are able to focus our program entirely on you without considerations of third parties. We are able to maintain complete confidentiality and are not constrained by limits set to maximize insurance company profits. We are working for you, not them.

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