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I went to Dr. Wright in a search for hormone replacement therapy. I had been treated for an estrogen-positive precancerous breast lesion and my oncologist had concerns about hormone replacement therapies. Over several years I experienced afternoon fatigue, poor sleep patterns, weight gain, and just generally didn't feel optimal.

I had heard about testosterone replacement therapy and began researching this treatment for women. I contacted several clinics offering this type of treatment but since testosterone replacement is not approved for women, the cost of these clinic services was prohibitive. I was finally referred to Dr. Wright. She tested my hormone levels and consulted with me regarding my desired outcomes. She recommended a mix of thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone replacement. I felt much better shortly after beginning the treatment. Over six or eight months we refined the dosages and now I have much more energy, sleep better, and have lost a lot of my stubborn belly fat.

Dr. Shauna's services are not only effective but affordable. I recommend her to any woman who experiences similar symptoms.

Venita D.

Dear Dr. Wright, 

I am writing this letter to thank you for being a very thorough professional. Under your care my health has improved immensely. I have found you to be a good listener, responsive, always punctual and consistent in your timely follow through. Your approach to my health care has helped me address my problems and has provided long-term relief.

Thank you again for the care you continue to provide.

Jay C.​
With Dr. Wright’s help and guidance I was able regain control of my body and feeling the best I’d felt in years. In the last few years I’ve had the energy to run the Cherry Creek Sneak 5k, Bolder Boulder 10K; ride the Elephant Rock and Denver Century; and hike several 14,000’ mountains. I can’t even begin to express how much the quality of my life has improved with Dr. Wright’s assistance.

Ed, Centennial, CO

I was referred by a friend to Dr. Wright. I had been using " a nationally known and operated" organization for my low "T" needs. I was being hammered on costs by the "other guys", and frankly abused as a patient. Costs of Dr visits, cost of Testosterone, and costs of supplies, along with being just another number. Upon meeting with Dr. Wright I immediately felt as thought I was finally being being cared for and treated like an individual and not a paycheck. That was three years ago. 

My quality of care has increased tremendously as my costs have decreased to about 25% of what I was paying prior. The best of all worlds. Thank you Dr. Wright.

Rick B. - I live in Berthoud, CO am a firefighter and aerobatic pilot. Dr. Wright keeps me healthy and happy, able to enjoy my vocation and avocation. 

Dr. Wright is a compassionate, caring, and competent medical professional who knows how to care for the special needs of post menopausal women. I was frustrated with low energy, inability to lose weight, hair loss, and all around lethargy. After being treated by Dr Wright, I feel great! I am in school and working, as well as feeling better about my body image. People tell me all the time I do not look my age. I totally believe in the healing regimen that Dr Wright has prescribed for me.

Mary G.
When we first met in her Denver office three years ago, I was immediately impressed with Dr. Shauna Wright as she presented herself to be knowledgeable, concise, and pragmatic. Since that time, I have found Dr. Wright to also be respectful, kind and understanding. Her calm demeanor, ability to listen to a patient issues, and treatment plans have been right on target. I have never felt rushed through appointments and think that my questions have been thoroughly answered after every appointment. 

Dr. Wright has a way of dealing with women’s issues and hormonal imbalances that differs from traditional Western Medicine. I highly value her opinion and ability to seek out solutions that many would consider to be “outside of the box”. It is this type of patient care, compassion and concern for individual needs that makes her outstanding. I have found Dr. Wright to be current and up to date with the latest in Functional Medicine theory and she is able to provide her patients with many wellness options tailored specifically to our needs. As someone who travels quite often, I appreciate Dr. Wright’s flexibility and willingness to discuss my issues over the telephone while I am waiting to board my next flight or train. 

Without hesitation, I refer Dr. Wright with complete confidence, knowing that my friends and colleagues in Colorado will receive the best and accurate care possible.

Maureen F.
Health Coach 
Former College Professor, Health and Physical Education 
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