Stress Management Program
BioHarmony Medical also offers a comprehensive approach to stress reduction. A lifestyle analysis review can reveal many different ways to reduce the stress factors associated with the daily routines of life.  

BioHarmony will provide a individually tailored program that will target the major contributors of stress as well as provide a recommended exercise program.

Meditation as a Stress Reduction Technique
Similar to the practice of yoga, the practice of meditation, which is combining silence with a passive attitude, repetition of a word or phrase, slow breathing, and the elimination of distractive thoughts from our minds, can bring about profound changes in body chemistry. Striking physiologic changes consist of decreased heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormones, breathing rate and metabolic rate. As written in the National #1 Best Seller, The Relaxation Response, written by Herbert Benson, M.D., (Medical Professor of The Mind/Body Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School), the practice of meditation is an integral part of mind/body medicine, considering that many illnesses are stress-related.

A full third of Americans regularly practice a technique that elicits the Relaxation Response. In 1975, only 7% of Americans did so. Back then, meditation and other mind/body approaches were largely considered counterculture and extreme. Today, mind/body techniques and the practice of nourishing one’s spirit are mainstream concepts.

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