Our Treatment Philosophy
BioHarmony Medical offers patients a proactive approach to health, starting with personalized evaluations. Our safe and effective treatments are available to help men and women regain their zest for life, energy, endurance, strength, mental clarity, metabolism, sexual drive and performance.  

BioHarmony Medical’s goal is to address and treat the root cause instead of treating symptoms. At BioHarmony Medical, unlike traditional or conventional practices which serve an endless amount of patients, our medical team intentionally keeps their patient roster low. Therefore, they are freed up to treat the individual, not just quickly treat the symptoms with prescription medications designed to work for the masses. BioHarmony Medicial takes a holistic and integrated approach by treating each patient based on the individual’s body chemistry, health history and patient goals. Our entire program is based on what your body specifically requires to achieve optimal health and wellness, while creating a preventive health plan for the future. We allocate one hour for each patient so our medical team can perform comprehensive evaluations to truly understand the root cause of the challenges you are experiencing. That’s also why our office is out of the insurance network, because we believe every patient should have the care and face time they deserve.

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COVID-19 Update: 
In order to protect everyone's health we are offering telemedicine for all new and existing patients