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Your initial consultation with Dr. Wright is 1 hour. Due to COVID-19, your initial appointment will be through video conferencing. I also offer the same method for my follow-up appointments. You will be required to complete a medical history form prior to your scheduled visit. 

If you have prior lab results or pertinent medical records that were done within the past 12 months, please bring them with you to your appointment. Although not required, you have an option to pre-order your lab testing online prior to your initial consultation. Please visit the following links for either female or male panel blood tests. Dr. Wright will also determine which specific labs are needed based upon your health history, current symptoms and your health objectives.

Please click here to print your medical history form. 

Your medical history form will be reviewed in detail during your visit, and diagnostic labs will be recommended depending on your individual needs. Your insurance typically will cover the necessary blood laboratory testing, which will be be done at either a LabCorp location (click here for LabCorp locations/map), or Quest Diagnostics location (click here for Quest Locations/map

Your follow-up appointment , usually 30 minutes, will be scheduled in our office. This appointment typically occurs 2-3 weeks following your initial appointment. The follow-up visit includes a review of the results and formation of a treatment plan based on your symptoms and laboratory results. If needed, specific Bioidentical Hormones will be prescribed. In addition, a weight loss, fitness program and nutrition prescription will be recommended if necessary. Pharmaceutical grade supplements can be purchased directly through our natural health store on our website.

Most of our patients notice symptom relief 2 weeks after their treatment begins. However if symptoms are severe or have been present for a long period, it may take 1-2 months to see results. Your next follow-up visit is generally 2 months after your treatment begins, sooner if you would like. These visits are scheduled for ½ hour.  

Thereafter, we like to see our patients every 4-6 months for refills on your Bioidentical Hormone prescriptions and any adjustments that may be needed to your regime. 

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COVID-19 Update: 
In order to protect everyone's health we are offering telemedicine for all new and existing patients